Creating a running man animation


Hello I am trying to create a running man, running from right to left across a scene. I’m quite new to animation. I have tried using opacity and key frames but this makes my man flash on and off. I have also tried using timelines but all the different drawings for the animation stay visible when played. Do I have to use code for this to work? Am I missing some feature with hype. I am using hype pro.

(Greg) #2

There is a discussion about this here…


If you’re seeing flashing, you might want to ensure that elements become opaque and that they are on top of (in the layer order) elements that are completely visible. This will ensure that there are no moments when nothing is visible which might create a white flash.


Thanks for the tip, i’ll give it a go.

(Nick ) #5

also as an old style animator I would be remiss if I did not recommend that you also add more keyframes in your breakdown between the start of the run and the end of the run.

No matter what your tool, cels or Hype the best guidebook on how to animate a character is the classic by Preston Blair.

And Richard Williams Book "The Animators Survival kit"
This is one of the best books for teaching style and technique that I have seen.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #6

That is such a great recommendation! Richard williams also did a video series to go along with the book that I highly recommend.


Have ordered this book on your recommendation, just waiting for it to come in the post.

(Nick ) #8

I hope you enjoy it. Mine is still a great studio resource