Creating a PDF Cert

I want to set up a little training course and at the end have a printable certificate of completion - a PDF ideally, that the user can print or download. I would need the user to put in their name and the organisation and that would need to be on the certificate.

Is that feasible?

As well as generating the PDF I’d like it to email the admin abd the user to let them know the person who’d just completed it (or store it somewhere e.g. google docs).

anyone done that kind of thing? I know I could do it with other LMS software but I’d really like to operate it as a standalone hype document.

Any advice on this?

Short answer. Yes :wink:

Again these are possible but would take time and effort to implement. Also, you’re probably looking at some back end processing using a language like PHP, etc. There are ways these days to tap into some API’s in order to achieve something like this for example, envisage the following workflow.

Convert HTML to PDF API (ex. pdfcrowd. Not free!) - take HTML and converts it and downloads it.
Google sheets API (free) - Connect via JSON (javascript) to Google spreadsheet.

If you wanted to email someone you would definitely need a backend language to do this and also your server would need to be able to do it. But, again there is probably an API out there that you could use but I would suspect it won’t be free.

Thank you for responding so fast.

I can do it with an LMS but the client wants it to stand alone on another site so I was trying to drop the LMS and just do it within hype.

Thanks for the advice, I’m better off using the software I know for the surrounding infrastructure so.

This might help with the hard part:

Unfortunately, Hype alone isn’t gonna be able to do the leg work for you. You’ll have to code something in order to get it to function. The design work and simple process of getting the dynamic data into the end design for the PDF can be pretty straight forward (ish) but converting to PDF and downloading the conversion is where the tricky part is. Most CMS systems (LMS included) have plugins that can create these things. As Hype is not a CMS and this is not a common thing for Hype to do then unfortunately there is no quick solution. It all has to be coded and tied together. Not impossible but will mean the coding gloves have to go on. :slight_smile:

@Daniel is that a standalone thing? it looks like it has to be loaded into the Horoku platform before it can be used as it’s an addon.

With a Heroku account, the module can be fed a URL and then it produces a PDF based on certain parameters. So I think you could feed it some query strings attached to a Hype document URL and it can be used to generate a certificate (with prefilled names) and then it generates the PDF. It’s in use here when you click ‘download pdf’ on the left side:

This is what I’m referring to :wink: Can you just setup an account and get an API key and then curl into the url to generate or must you build using the Horoku platform? Btw, just asking for the OP as I’m not gonna use this :smiley: myself.

Installation of the addon uses a CLI which assumes that you have to have the Horoku platform installed before you add the “addon”.

I’m thinking the OP is looking for something like a plugin (or a document that has used this kind of functionality already) so that they may use the existing scaffold to adjust to there needs. I’m sensing a lack of coding knowledge though… a big assumption on my part so apologies in advance.