Creating a motion comic in Hype 2

Hey guys, my name is Sam and over in NYC finishing up my masters at SVA in computer arts.

For my thesis project I’m creating a motion comic using Hype to create a widget for iBooks author.

I’m just starting my animation testing and would love to be able to reach out to the community for help with the project. This is my first time animating in code, I’m normally an after effects user.

I’ll be posting questions as I go along with the project over the next few months. Looking forward to making something awesome.


There are a lot of great users here with some fantastic samples of Hype projects, also check out the regular Hype forum at…

for realy cool web animations i would prefer software, using bones rigging. they also include particle filters for hairs or wind effects. then you can export the animation to html5 and can import to hype in a html-widget.


You can do quite a bit with the animation in Hype without any coding at all.
The timeline is very similar to many of the animation software tools out there.
I put up a couple of examples of a walk cycle and a head turn in the forum.
Treat Hype like a frame animator and spend time on your concepts and your keyframes and it will do quite a bit for you.

We're here for ya! I would love to hear your experience as an AE person as you get up to speed with Hype. Looking forward to seeing what you create.

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