Creating a media player with a list

How would I go about creating media player w/ Playlist and then coding it in js? I want to be able to animate clicks and image thumbnails. Then code them normally with js or jquery…

You may want to look at video-controller

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this only works for items inside of hype… im looking to create a dynamic playlist… from json file or database… create all of the animations and then code the buttons in js

example… clicking next button will display next image in json file with animation and play song or video

So now you say that :smile:

Well the example does play media ( video ) but was more for you to look at the code for a player.

Getting a list of files from outside of Hype is very easy as all your doing is passing on a list of paths…

I have put an example that does this up for an image player but I have not posted the code yet.

It uses AJAX to get a file list.

To help anyone help you, can offer more info on things like are you wanting this server side or client side when listing files to play and any other relevant details

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