Creating a magazine in Hype and exporting to Baker

Hi, I am creating a magazine in Hype i.e one scene = one page. I’ve tried to export to baker framework using the guides and had no luck using the guides. Is there a straight forward export? Or has export process changed?

There's not a specific export, but if you haven't we did put together an article here:

Are there specific spots or issues that you are having? If you could elaborate with the problems and your documents that'd be useful for knowing where things are going wrong.

Thanks for this. I am having problems getting the Hype .html files being recognised by Baker or if the exported files from Hype need to be renamed to matched the naming conventions of the example files, css files etc

I recommend starting with their downloadable ‘A Study in Scarlet’ and building off of that. It shouldn’t matter where you place the Hype assets, as long as they are within the books folder and you reference the Hype animation from one of the parts which you have defined in the contents section of book.json. The Book folder behaves like a regular website, so make sure that your references include the folder name of where your Hype JS file is located.

Are you able to share an example?