Creating a live Electronic Bulletin Board

Our elementary school wants to display a web page with bus numbers. As the buses arrive the secretary wants to click on the bus number to display the bus so that students know when they can walk to the bus. This would need to be a live bulletin board kind of thing.
Example here -

Can this be done in hype somehow? I can create the web page no problem but it is not “live” for each classroom to see.

Thank you.

Yes… if the other screens with the application have access to the internet you can use
It allows you to share a state across instances of a Hype applications. If you need help let me know.


  1. Open the following link on your Mac and maybe on your phone
  2. Click on of the devices “trigger red alert” and both screens turn red
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… may also fit your needs …


This is great @h_classen … and yet another thing I didn’t know existed. I checked and it looks promosing for wider adoption in the future but specially for specific setups this might be very good. Have you ever implemented it?

Do you know of any security issues with this. Also how is the push pushed…

no, i never used it, but usage seems straight forward and secure as you can check for event.origin on clientside. Though IE and Edge will be OFF.