Creating a keyframe(s) for rotation

As I make the transition from Edge to Hype, I have moments of this is (Hype) nice than back to “I like Edge much better”.
Case in point setting a keyframe for rotation in Edge is simple and in Hype I am lost. I basically want to have a character
slip spin around and hit the ground. Edge was easy create keyframes enter %. I am just lost with HYPE. Pardon my confusion with the switch.

With Hype, you don’t need to enter a value. Keyframes can be created with the user interface.

  1. Press the record button
  2. Move the capo to where the rotation should start
  3. Move the timeline cursor to where the rotation
    should end
  4. Press and hold the Command Key
  5. Rotate the element by dragging a corner

Optional – hold the shift key to snap the rotation to 45° increments.


Recording is definitely the way to go with Hype.

That said, I recognize the nicety of having the keyframe button next to each value. If you still want to add keyframes manually it can be done with the timeline. By default only a few properties are shown (any with keyframes will already show up), but if you select the Properties dropdown you can choose to add Rotation Angle (Z) and then use the add keyframe buttons.