Creating a custom browser inside a scene

Hi, I am a long time Hype user and normally just use it for basic web animated ads and embedding animations in 3rd party sites.

I’m currently trying to create a document with multiple scenes, some of which will be a custom in-page browser that will display an external site. I’ve managed to use an iFrame and embedded a YouTube, but I’m struggling to embed 3rd party websites. My browser debugger gives me an error code “Load denied by X-Frame-Options: does not permit cross-origin framing.

I’ve done some reading through the forums but nothing to suggest this method I’m trying to achieve. I also understand that security might be at play here due to the security measures from the 3rd party site.

Question: Is there any way to display a secure website inside of my Hype scene? Do I need to look at another method or is there a solution for this without the user having to leave the scene?

I’m kind of desperate, so it would be super great if someone could please help me out. I’ve kind of sold this idea to my client that in-page custom browsing is a thing (almost like an app where you don’t have to leave the tab/page), so any advice would be appreciated.

Note: I’ve attached my Hype document as a reference. (35.1 KB)

Not delving too deep here but the error you are getting afaik is the 3rd party site admin via the site headers/server stopping it being loaded into an iframe.

I am not sure there is a way around this apart from the site allowing it.

If the site allows cross origin framing then you can use it in an hype iframe


@MarkHunte is right. Google doesn’t allow its search engine to be stuffed into an iframe.

Thank you Mark, I appreciate the feedback. I guess I’ll have to just have the external link open in a new tab. I hate breaking that user journey as my insights from the past suggests a high drop off rate via external linking.

You are welcome,

As much as I find this can be inconvenient, I fully understand and support this type of restriction.

My understanding is this is to stop people spoofing others pages, which could lead to fraud etc. and have a massive and harmful drop off rate on the originators site/s.

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