Create PDF from hybrid HTML based app


I’m wondering if anyone has recent experience with creation of PDFs from hybrid HTML based apps for Android and iOS?

A friend has hit a roadblock with the developer he is using who says that Apple no longer allow the use of the JS library that they normally use and Android “is problematic” (whatever that means!). The other library he tried apparently produced poor quality PDFs. The app is in the form of a questionnaire which collects data from a number of sequential screens and creates a report when completed.

Any advice is appreciated.

More info would help in what libraries have been tried and why they think Apple have stopped them.

But It may be possible to have a button that says print to pdf and use apples frameworks to render and print to pdf.

Not tried it my self and not at Mac at mo but a quick look around I found this.

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Thanks Mark. I’m not in any way savvy with code so I will have a conversation to get the missing information. Hopefully another developer can solve their problem or at least their current developer can follow a different path if others offer a solution. Thanks again.