Create outline from font (svg) on export

Hi, like many others here, I'm currently using Hype to create the dreaded Google Ad.

My request is that we have an option to export our working fonts (especially TT or OTFs that we load from our desktop) as svg or outlined elements.

Reasons follow

The 150KB limit means all text (fonts) must be outlined even if it were a simple matter of embedding custom fonts and changing out brand fonts for Google-hosted ones, just isn't an option when you're working with marketing collateral.

For more context, the job I'm working on now consists of 7 different concepts each with 5 different sizes ranging from wide banner to square to deep banner. Every time I create a new one I have to create an svg file from the text in almost every variation of text block that is possible. Up to eight frames of text animation per ad.
Whereas a font is the same element between the sizes, each svg file is a unique asset. File management nightmare.

And then comes the text changes ...

You see the issue.

I've seen the request for the ability to convert the font within Hype rather than using a third-party editor. But, I believe paramount to this, is the ability to keep an editable file for ongoing revisions, templates etc. AND still have the facility to export small file sizes and on-brand material.

I don't pretend to know how feasible/difficult this would be or if I'm even asking for the impossible.
I'm currently working with some people have been amazed by Hype based on their first impressions, but are scratching their heads about the workflows regarding type.

Thanks, Rémi

[ ] Nice to Have
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[x] Can't use Hype without it


It would also be a plus If hype as an option would export out typed out font as a transparent png instead of actually using the font itself.

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+1, this would be neat. Would save allot of back and forth from Illustrator to Hype

*Edit, what also would be amazing as supplement to this suggestion would be a 'smart font generator' Ofcourse this isn't intresting for Adwords, but it's very intresting for font optimization. Certain ad tools have functions to re-render .WOFF2 Fonts at export to render a new font of the used font to a font with only the characters used. In the times i've used this it decreases a single font weight from 30kb back to 2-3kb.


Thanks for the requests!

It is technically feasible but there are some cases where we're missing "easy" ways to get font shape data in some cases. I haven't looked at how hard the hard ways are yet. I'm guessing such a feature may have limitations. Also we've looked less from an optimization standpoint and more from the standpoint of being able to convert to a format the editor can work with.

For optimizations:

I think subsetting like this is probably the way to go. There's probably font libraries out there that Hype could leverage to do this, and I have filed it as a separate todo item.

Absolutely; this has been a long-standing request. It may not always help in the size department, but can reduce connections and improve workflows too.


It would help tremendously to have an easier way to install/add custom fonts be it .woff .ttf .otf, without having to actually go through the process of adding it in and going to custom fonts typing all that css code.
Furthermore, I feel like hype 5 should be all about improving and providing ease of use when it comes to user workflows, maybe look for ways to make the app smarter, it’s already super fast with the m1 Apple silicon, just give it a bit of juice in the department of cutting down on the steps, clicks, tabs, extra screens…

I feel like it should have more animation features like lip-syncing, joints, and vector shape importing / exporting... and perhaps the option to choose Box2D or Matter.JS as the Physics engine. HA HA! :smile:

¿Por qué no los dos?

I'm not rushing Tumult to make Hype 5. In fact, if they said to me, "Hey Mike, Hype 5 is going to be awesome. It has Windows, iPad, and Linux support, but it's going to take another two years." Heh, then I'd be patiently waiting until 2023.

What does that mean exactly? This question is a bit off-topic, but just today I was thinking how Hype is so much easier to use than Final Cut Pro. That font problem is a good one though, as it is tedious to add a font to a Hype project.

What I meant was, there are things in hype that have for example but not limited to just custom font add-on many steps to accomplish or screens or tabs, clicks to get to, which if you think about takes away from ones productivity. There are many of these take aways. Don’t get me wrong, Hype is an incredibly fast and a versatile application even faster on m1 speed wise. I understand Im off topic here, but I couldn’t help it, sorry.

There's still some corners of Hype that aren't as streamlined or easy to use as they could be; the flow of working with webfonts is definitely one of them. Sometimes these corners have particular tradeoffs where usability in advanced cases is sacrificed for usability in common cases, but this is not one of those!