Create Android/Windows/iOS mobile apps using Hype

Here i am posting how to create mobile apps using hype.

  1. you can create the app using hype, mobile app or what ever game or anything. Then export it to HTML.
  2. You need to create a account in github and create a new repository and put the files you exported into that repository.
  3. go to and sign in using your githud account or you have to create a account or if you have a adobe id you can sign in an later link the github account to the phone gap.
  4. add apps and give the repository location and start building apps. Then you can download APK,XAP,iPA
    Hope you like this post. i have done and tested aswell all works perfectly. This is free. and if you upgraded the subscription you can have more facilities. Cheers guys.
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Can you provide a bit more detail about what the code should look like in your Github repository?

Hi Daniel, Actually i didn’t do any changes in github repository. What i did was created a new repository add the html plus all resources but one thing html file has to rename as index.html otherwise there will be an error. Once you uploaded the all files to the repository. Then go to your phonegap account and from the settings you must link the github account. Its in go to your profile right upper corner and account details link github account. Then once you linked that account. It will automatically show all the repositories you added. Since this is free thats why you have to use this method but if you use an upgraded version which is very cheap like $9 per month will allow you to create private apps. for that you need to upload all files as a zip directly to the phone gap. There are two ways one is private otherone is opensource. The one i showed here is the open source coz its free. Hope you have a better idea now.

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