Create a symbol from another symbol

Dear all,

I want to include in a scene different symbol with the same animation but with a little difference as text for exemple.
It’s to long to recreate another symbol from scratch and I wanted to know if it’s possible to copy, paste and modify or copy from a symbol in order to have different symbols and not to modify the initial symbol.

Many thanks for your job, you change my job after discovering your app !

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you can make a duplicate copy in the resources library. Make your changes inside the duplicated symbol, drop it to the stage - there you are.

Demo Hype Project: (14.6 KB)

Please reference Fig.1 below for the following steps…

1) Select the Symbol in the “Resource” panel You wish to duplicate.
2) Click on the “Duplicate Symbol” button at the bottom of this panel.
3) Drag the newly created “Duplicate” Symbol onto the Stage.
4) Modify this “Duplicate” Symbol.

Note: I have added the words “Original” & “Duplicate” to the Symbol names for clarity.

Fig. 1

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It is also available from the Symbol > Make Duplicate Symbol menu after selecting the source symbol element first.

This seems to be a common question, so for the next major version of Hype, we’ve added this menu to the Symbols toolbar item as well.

Out of curiosity, if you were looking in the UI to do this, did you look anywhere else?

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Suggestion for @jonathan
Adding the Make Duplicate Symbol -command (also) to the contextual menu would save us the roundtrip with the mouse to the main drop-down menu and back to the element.51


:ok_hand:t2::+1:t2: Perfect. Simple, Efficient.

This is also done; there’s now 4 ways to duplicate symbols… hopefully not overkill :smiley:. You can also multiple select symbols and duplicate en masse if desired. (cc @petester)

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its a convenience if anything, having it in a context menu - wouldn’t hurt :slight_smile:

@Ed_Sager this is what Jonathan meant when he said ‘cc@petester’

Can’t wait to get my hands on the next update.

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