Create a stroke animation

Hi, i want to make a stroke animation arround an image from point A to B like a pencil. The stroke will appear in tracing effect !?!?

Please see this thread:

this could be useful


Yes excuse my english, i’m french canadian!

it’s a drawing stroke effet around an object

If I understand you correct this is the easiest way to do it. (961.0 KB)
If I misunderstood let me know and I will help you further :slight_smile:

Hi @michelangelo

Could you add the following to your example too. It would make the process much easier for people that aren't good with code :slight_smile: Also it responds to the size of the element in Hype as well as other things :slight_smile:

@Hardrock72. Michael's example is a good place to start. Clear :wink:

HI @DBear and thanks !
of course

Here what i really want (see picture) the stroke fill around a person

Most simplistic method for non-coders: Create the stroke, group it to itself, set the overflow visibility to hidden, animate the width or height of the group to reveal the stroke.

Reveal (13.1 KB)