Create a scene and have it popup

Is this possible. ie Use a scene that has some animations in as a popup windows.

Do you want a real window, new tab, or a lightbox on the same page? Popup windows are generally blocked by default on browsers (yay 1990s), so unless you are in control of the browser preferences to enable this functionality, it generally isn't used anymore.

If your controlling page is a Hype document itself:

  • For a new tab, you can use the "Go to URL" action method and just choose "Open in new window". The URL would need to be a different page with your animation.
  • For a lightbox, there's several ways to do this. You can't explicitly have a scene within a scene, but you could animate both the opacity and display for a Symbol element (which is effectively a scene within a scene construct!), animate in a HTML Widget pointing to another Hype animation, or you could use some existing 3rd party lightbox code.

I think it’s just one of these „Popups“ like … „do you really want to leaves?“ he is talking about. On page modals/overlays are often also referred to as „popups” nowadays. Just a thought. :thinking:

you can always use a independend scene as fake-"popup"

I’m after a modal Popup. But have the ability to use all the assets of a scene. Eg have a scene animate opening and play an mp4. Etc


Can you give the whole scenario of what you are doing and what you want.

i.e is this Model itself within another hype scene, is it on another page and so on..