Create a Mobile app for android

I saw theres a nice video about how to create an iOS app using xcode with the hype (WebView) . Can someone tell is there any tutorial or do you guys know how to create an app using android studio using the webview with hype files. It will be great if we can create. Thank you soo much.

Try these YouTube tutorials. They helped me…

And this one…

Good Luck!


Here’s one of the best tools from Microsoft: However, you’d need a service worker (I guess. Because my website had one, so, it let me build one. I’m not sure if it lets you to build without a service worker or not). Then you can get the Android Studio project source code (and also, a Microsoft app, XCode projects, etc.). I’m yet to really check the quality of the source code as I just found out the links, but, it’s worth a try.