Create 1 pixel border on exported scenes

Hello there!
I’m here after quite some time using Hype again to create web ads in HTML5. We’re upgrading to the new version soon but for the time being, I have an old problem back again.

Time ago the community helped me wonderfully to create a 1 px border in all scenes that I exported for DCM. But after all this time the script seems to be not working anymore. I decided to create a new topic since the original one is maybe too old.

When I use the script linked in that topic I cannot preview the ad and a lot of code is shown under the empty ad. I tried to export using the DCM script in Hype website and the result is the same. The local browser preview works fine, but the clicktag is not working for me, it takes me to .

I’m also using some javascript someone created and shared to me in the community in the past to make the banner loop 3 times and stop in a precise second.

I can’t figure out what is going on. Maybe someone can help a bit? I’m not really a coder myself, so I’m a bit lost here.

This is what I see.

Can’t upload the Hype file because it is too big :frowning: I uploaded to Wetransfer instead if someone is interested :slight_smile:

With an initial look,

It looks like your custom font is sticking some javascript functions in the head file. Not sure it should be doing that but either way it is not doing it in a way that is right and is breaking the rest of the exported project.

removing the font shows the page/scene


Hello! Thanks for your reply!

Well, that was easy, wasn’t it? It is now working for me too. I added a custom font that is being hosted in Adobe Typekit but it seems is not working fine.

I wanted to use it but it was giving an alert in Google validator as well, so I guess I can change it for Avenir that is very similar. Please don’t tell anyone :stuck_out_tongue: