Heat Map Integration

I’m using a heat mapping service called Crazy Egg to track what areas of the page my visitors are looking at the most on my website. I only have a one-scene document with a form on it at I don’t need to track any other scenes because I figured that would get tricky for CrazyEgg to know which scene is which. That’s why I chose this site to test on.

So my heat mapping is tracking nothing. It’s been over a week and I have some visits so it should be tracking at least a little bit of visual data but my visual data shows absolutely nothing. I can’t really figure out why. I was wondering if anyone else could think of a reason why it might not work. It seems like it should be fine and the hard part would be tracking multiple scenes.

I’ve checked my tracking code and it says it’s working fine in the CrazyEgg setup page that checks for the code on page.

If your Hype document is working fine and Crazy Egg is not tracking anything, I recommend getting in touch with their support: