Crazy Huge Monitor Size / Viewport Width Issue

So, I upgraded my computer hardware. I got one of these…

It’s crazy huge… like stupid, nuts, insane!



I’m still trying to adjust to this ridiculous screen size. One of the things I noticed is that Dark Mode is useful now. With the monitor so big and bright, white pages really stand out. It hurts my eyes. So, I’ve been using things like the dark menu bar, dark dock and dark Hype.

But in doing so, I noticed a problem with my new book project. If “vw” (Viewport Width) is used as a font size, it does it based on the width of the Hype workspace, not the width of the Hype project. I’m not sure this is fixable. Here’s a screenshot…

If you open up the image and look at it full size, it’s 3840 pixels across. Heh, and I actually cropped the screenshot. The full screen is even bigger vertically.

Here’s what happens in Hype…

…and so the size of the text changes as the width of Hype is changed – even though the scene is fully visible.

It’s not much of an issue for me, as I’m planning to switch back to standard “px” sizes.

…and really, what’s wrong with Apple?! It’s silly that I’m using a MacBook Air to push this many pixels. They should have released a proper Mac Mini years ago. I thought something this intensive would have melted my laptop. Nope, it’s quite cool. I’m not even sure if the fan turned on.

Yeah, I guess this is a funny issue, though an argument could be made that the viewport units will basically behave the same in a browser if you’re not using flexible layout. I looked at the CSS spec and it appears the viewport units are defined by the initial containing block and this can’t be changed/overridden in any way I can see.

P.S. My recollection was there were a lot of issues with the MacBook Air supporting 4k @ 60fps and a lot of configurations could only push 30fps.

Oh, I checked into this before going crazy…

That’s because unlike last year’s Airs and 13-inch Pro (and all older DisplayPort and Thunderbolt Macs), the new versions of the laptops have the correct combination of hardware that makes 60Hz 4K output possible.

That’s the 2015. I got a 2017…

Intel HD Graphics 6000

Dual display and video mirroring: Simultaneously supports full native resolution on the built-in display and up to 3840-by-2160 resolution at 60Hz on an external display, both at millions of colors.

…but that still wasn’t good enough for me… so I searched how to check my refresh rate.

I ran the FPS II template…

I checked display settings, but it wouldn’t show me the refresh rate.

I search the Internet and found this article…

It mentions the Quartz Debug tools, which you need to be a developer to get. Wow, I’m a developer, so fancy. :smirk:

Looks like 60FPS to me. I even looked at the Hardware settings. It also says 60Hz. It also says 1920 x 1080, which is clearly wrong. It should say something like HiDPI at that size… or the proper 32840x2160.

Heh, so while there is still a little bit of doubt that I’m actually running at 60Hz, it’s probably the right settings. (Too bad, as there’s still a bit of eye strain.) I got the DisplayPort 1.2 cable going, which is where a lot of people run into trouble. The port / computer needs to support 60Hz, the cable needs to support 60Hz and the monitor needs to support 60Hz. Looks like all three are OK!

I’m still not sure this was the smartest of decisions. HA HA.

Well, the monitor might be crazy, but I really like the MacBook Air. I’m not sure, but this might be the last MacBook Air that Apple makes. If so, I’m glad I got one. The video specs are surprisingly good.

If anyone is following along. For the second day in a row, the monitor has been hurting my eyes. It’s going back, probably going to get something smaller. 27”-32” seems more appropriate.

Ah, I didn’t realize they rev’ed the video card!
I regularly use Quartz Debug when testing Hype performance - it is a great (and unfortunately seemingly abandoned) tool. There are some neat options to show what the system is drawing to avoid duplicate drawing and improve performance. Anyways we’re probably off topic :slight_smile:.