Crafty.JS…Potential Game engine for use in Hype

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I have been playing with Crafty.JS and Hype and there is some real potential here.
Take a look at their tutorial and the attached Hype file where I applied the Crafty.js library.
This could be really fun and so far pretty easy.
<a class=“attachment” crafty.JS.hype (29.0 KB)

Move an element or div with arrow keys
Is there a Physics API? 🤔

Crafty looks OK, but it’s a bit awkward with Hype.

I like that it’s so easy to setup four-way controls, but it is a bit buggy. If the speed is X, then pressing the right arrow and the “D” key makes the speed is 2X.

Hype makes it easy to test work with crafty.js, but that’s about as far as I got with crafty so far. I got a red square to move around on the screen. To do more, it looks like it’s a serious amount of coding. That negates the advantage of Hype - which doesn’t require [a lot of] coding.

I like that Crafty seems to support DOM and Canvas. There are even cool things like particles (but that looks like it’s Canvas only.)

This is the kind of thing that Hype should be doing though – making it easier to move elements dynamically.

Although, with so many different game engines… …why Crafty? I don’t think Tumult has a technical problem adding game development features to Hype. They’re just hesitating to add too many features at once. If Matter.js physics settings could be controlled by Hype, such as creation, location, velocity, rotation and collision detection, would Crafty.js be necessary?

I don’t like the slow pace matter.js has been introduced into Hype, but it seems to be a good solution with lots of potential.

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Well it is something to play with.