Couple of New Projects: Explainer Animation & Hype in WordPress

I’d like to share a couple of projects that we recently launched that include Hype. Your thoughts are appreciated:

Explainer Animation

We created illustrations and animations that explain what Saphirion’s (@robby’s) NLPP software does. On the NLPP site (, there are English and German versions; the version here is in English:

Hype Incorporated into WordPress

Our team built this WordPress site and I created several Hype pieces that are embedded within it. On the home page, about halfway down, this Hype piece repeatedly plays through 5 types of hardware but also allows the user to drag the blue dot along the slider to a particular model type. See it here:

If you have any questions, please ask! Enjoy… John


Really nice animations on the NLPP site! Good mix of transitions and different images to bring a nice effect. I especially love some of the details on the character.

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Thanks, @jonathan. The illustrations were done by my business partner Cindy; she’s a great artist. I did the animations and transitions. Appreciate the feedback.

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