Could not export any files!!

I want to export gif, but it stays on this screen forever, what should I do?

Can you share a Hype document?

One idea: If you're trying to make a looped GIF, check the 'Loop playback' button in the GIF export window and make sure the duration isn't a super big number:

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β€’ Both my company and my residence have installed HYPE4, the same file can be exported normally in the residence's HYPE4, but the company's HYPE4 cannot be exported
β€’ I deleted HYPE4 from the company computer and downloaded it again, but the problem still persists (including HYPE3)
β€’ My exported gifs loop for a very short time
β€’ Any export fails, including mov, gif, png
When exporting mov, the video file will appear on the desktop, but the size is always 0kb
When exporting png, a folder with the same file name will appear on the desktop, but there is no file in it

I found a solution and posted it!
I reconnected the external monitor and it can be exported normally!
What a weird problem, but finally solved :smile: