Costco Has A Big Sale on iTunes Gift Cards/Codes

I was in Costco last weekend. The iTunes $100 gift card (4-pack of $25) was $20 off. Normally, it’s like $5 off, but around the holidays it’s another $15.

I didn’t think much of it (well, other than if I should buy two packs of iTunes gift cards) but then I saw this discussion on Reddit…

Interesting comments…

Actually $79.49 but not sure how to edit the title
– Rodrigo_Loco

So, I figured this community might want to know about this information. If you know someone that’s been thinking about getting Hype Pro, this might be an opportunity to save a lot of money.

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We’re also planning a Black Friday -> Cyber Monday sale of 25% off, so you’ll still have money left over on the card even after a Hype purchase!


Good. They can buy my app then. :smile:

Maybe let the folks at MacRumors know. They’re listing app sales…

…and apparently Pixelmator Photo Pro is free… …I think it ends tomorrow though.

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The sale is now active!


CrazyTalk Animator 3 (Standard) is free this morning…

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