Correct Audio format?

A project I’m working on has short audio sound bites and I’m not sure what the correct format is to use. I have little to no experience with audio. If anyone knows what I should save them as please let me know.

Each clip is around 1 or 1.5s and the final project will be integrated into a web page. It only needs to be played on safari mobile as those using it will have loaded it on iphones or ipads.

And there will be a play button, so it doesn’t need to play automatically. Just needs to play the audio if that button is clicked.

Thank you!

Since you already liked the second post…

…I suppose I can share a little preview…

…but then you need the book’s disclaimer. The information is “As-Is” and at your own risk.

Audio / Video formats may involve patents. I’m not a lawyer.

TL;DR — I personally use M4A / ACC. The compatibility is great. It seems to be less of a patent / technical headache than in the past. (Again, I’m not a lawyer. I don’t even play one on tv.)


(mp3s are fine across all modern browsers too)


@Photics @jonathan Many thanks!!

@Photics greatly looking forward to the book! :smile:

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