Copying and applying motion paths

I am a Hype beginner.

I tried to follow the YouTube tutorial "Mastering Motion Paths in Tumult Hype Professional".

I added a circular vector graphic and a sinusoidal motion path. Then I copied the circular vector graphic and pasted it underneath. I also added a motion path to the copied object.

Now, when I copy and paste the desired motion path to the second object, the motion path assigned for the copied object is the form of the vector graphic instead of the copied motion path.

What can I do to copy and paste motion paths correctly?

Thank you very much.

The way you'll want to do this is:

  1. go to the Properties area of the timeline, and select the key frames associate with the motion path
  2. Use Edit > Copy
  3. Select your other element
  4. Use Edit > Paste
  5. This will change the positioning, so you'll likely need to move the playhead to be "off" the keyframes and then adjust the position to offset where you want to go

We kinda snuck in the ability to convert a vector shape element into a motion path via this paste, but it looks like it is interfering with what you really wanted to do -- just copy/pasting the motion path itself. I've filed a bug to separate out these actions to avoid this problem.


Hi Jonathan

Thank you very much for your help and the bug report. Appreciate it.

Hype and the community is great.

Best regards,