Copying a scene WITHOUT the timeline

Hi everyone

Another probably simple query, apologies: I have a landing page with a long animation on it, and when users click away to another page and back I want them to come back to the same scene but without the animation, i.e the objects are already in their ‘final’ place from the first animation. I can’t get my head around it because if I delete the motion paths from the timeline everything defaults to its first position, rather than the end of the animation.

I’m guessing this is very simple but can’t figure it out! Could anyone give any pointers?


Hi Paul - Welcome to the Forum!

I am seeing a discontinuity in your request. The topic heading references copying a scene but in your post You state that You wish to go back to the same scene. Why are You copying it? There is no mention of a second (pasted) scene in your post.

I will take the title of your post as the actual intention… i.e. the viewer is going to return to another scene with the same elements as they were at the end of the first scene.

The following assumes no Javascript, CSS influencing the elements final position at the end of “Scene 1” - just the timeline animations (You mentioned motion paths were giving You trouble).

In Fig.1 below we see the ellipse & rectangles elements at the end of their timeline animation. Select & Copy just the ellipse & rectangle element names as indicated by the magenta circle (added in Photoshop) - do not select the bars in the timeline itself.

Fig. 1

Next go to “Scene 2” and with the timeline at 0 seconds do a paste operation. Your results should have the elements positioned as they were at the end of the timelines in “Scene 1”, as in Fig.2 below.

Fig. 2
Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 9.36.08 PM

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Hi Jim

This worked perfectly, thanks. Sorry for the vagueness; either solution would have done (I could have duplicated the scene without the timeline if I knew how to do that). The method you’ve give worked though, thanks!

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Hi Paul!

Glad my idea helped You out. There is another approach that I didn’t mention in my post as I didn’t want to get too many ingredients in the recipe.

There might be a time when You simply want to go back to the same time in a given scene from another scene. e.g. The viewer clicks a button in Scene 1 to go to Scene 2. A “Back” button in scene 2 returns them to the same time in Scene 1 as they left it.

Below are two posts that describe this approach. Both are included here as they might have something in each of them that that adds to your understanding of the process.

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Thanks Jim! These are actually probably what I should have been looking for; I only duplicated the scene in the first place because I wasn’t sure how to land back at a specific point in the timeline. I’ll dig through it as I can for future things, though your first solution is working fine for this one. Thanks for all the detail.

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