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I have been experiencing a weird message on both my iMacs running Hype which are beside each other and share the same network and iCloud. I have 2 iMacs named 'left' and 'Right' that are beside each other.

Sometimes, not always, when I copy and paste from one side to another I get a message telling me its trying to paste from the other iMac on the network. This often happens when Im selecting text, copy the colour and pasting that colour to a new piece of text on a different slide. It does this for about 10 secs and then doesn't apply the paste.

I don't know if its my imagination but it appeared to have started a few months ago when I put both iMacs on iCloud backup.

The image below is referring to the 'Right computer' which is the name of the imac to my right.

Ive been on the phone to Apple, my computer (left) has had a software update and is completely up to date now but the problem is still happening and support have suggested it may be to do with the Hype app. Can someone help please?

and support have suggested it may be to do with the Hype app

Whose support suggested this, Apple?

This is related to Handoff, and in my experience can occasionally be very slow. It relies on bluetooth and wifi, and those are not the most reliable technologies. You can turn it off via:

Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click General. Uncheck “Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices.”

I'm not sure how tied it is currently to Universal Control as well; you may need to disable that via the settings in the Display pref pane when clicking Universal Control…

Sadly Apple has no fine-grained way to choose what to allow/disallow for Handoff.


Thanks Jonathan
yes it was Apple support. First person suggested a system upgrade and then second contacting the developers. I have switched off 'handoff' and will see how it goes - thank you for that information as its been very annoying to work with :slight_smile:

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Thanks; this is not a Hype issue :sweat_smile:. It might have most to do with your overall network (and macOS not being great at sharing the pasteboard).

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Thanks Jonathan,
[SOLVED] I turned handoff off and I haven't has the problem :slight_smile:

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