Copy paste in the timeline

Hi all. I’m a noob in Hype3. Have just downloaded the trial version today, and trying to switch from Adobe Edge Animate.

My question: Lets say I have 3 graphic elements on the stage. They are automatically placed in separate “layers” in the timeline. I used to animate (slide them from the outside of the stage into view) over, lets say 10 seconds. In Edge, to make them repeat that cycle one more time, I would copy the keyframes from 0 sec. to 10 sec, and paste them in at 12 sec. mark. This pasted them in the same “timeline layers” as the former keyframes, but in Hype, when selecting “Copy” and “Paste with animation”, this creates three duplicate timeline layers. Am I doing something wrong? It would make working with the timeline so much easier in my opinion… :wink: Any suggestions are welcome. Tia. mmasch (noob)

There’s a lot of things you can copy + Paste in Hype. Here’s some of the Element + Animation copying possibilities:

  • Entire scenes (Copies all elements and animations, and all timelines)
  • Animations (by selecting the blue bar that represents the animation, which can consist of multiple keyframe animations
  • Timeline actions
  • Individual keyframes, by click + selecting
  • Just Elements (By using just ‘Paste’)
  • Elements and their Animations (Paste with Animations, as you discovered)

For your case, I think you just want to click + select to copy either the individual animation (the blue bar representing the animation) or the individual keyframes themselves and copy that. When you paste, make sure you have the same elements selected to ensure the keyframes are placed in a consistent manner.

Thanks for the tips :+1: I will give it some more tries :slight_smile: