Copy Button Symbol?

I’m trying to copy a simple text button symbol. Is it possible to copy the symbol in such a way that when I edit the copied button by changing the text the original does not automatically get modified? When copied the system duplicates all changes between the two. I want the copied button to have its own unique button text.

What’s the proper procedure to make a copy without having changes show up on the original?

If it has to be a symbol … you can duplicate it in the resourcepanel by clicking the plus-button

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Thanks Hans,
I did exactly what you said. I visited resources clicked the symbol ( a text button) copied it by clicking the plus. The symbol did duplicate. When dropping it in to the stage and editing the text, the original button text also changes. Why would this occur? It’s as if they are linked somehow. I know I’m doing something wrong.

Not sure how that would duplicate it. The plus button ( a typo in the above post :astonished: ) is to add a file or function not duplicate Symbols.

You most likely did not duplicate it and just dropped a linked instance of the old Symbol on to the scene.

Select the old symbol in the resources and click

at the bottom of the pane.

The symbol will duplicate. Then make sure it is the new copy you drag onto the Scene.