Copy Actions onto another object

I have some symbols that have actions. And when I make duplicates in the resource panel all the set actions are lost. Either I would like to see an option: Include action or the option we can copy and apply set actions to selected elements on the canvas.

I now have to select 15 symbols and set these actions single-handedly, due to the fact I cannot select the symbol timeline on continue timeline.

Thank you in advanced.

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How are you creating / setting these actions?

  • Selecting a symbol and setting an action on the symbol instance (done without entering the symbol)
  • Creating a custom behavior?
  • Entering a symbol and creating an a timeline action?

Hi Daniel,

the first. These don’t get copied.

Thanks for the feedback! The defunct Edge Animate had a ‘Paste Actions’ that I know a lot of folks have wanted in Hype :slight_smile:.


So after an evening of setting these actions to symbols, it made me think: We really need to have saved set actions. :slight_smile: Keep repeating it over and over again (max 28 times).
01 Select symbol
02 set mouseOver
03 set mouseOut
04 Stop the autoplay of a symbol
05 set the click url

Download the export and page true it: (292.7 KB)

A good example of these saved sets of actions is at
They have these Interactions webpages: 01 or 02. This number two version also has a nice web history build in. Good scroll fun.

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