Converting symbol back to original

Hello to all Hype Developers of quality and others…

I put together a nice drop down menu and converted it into a symbol, thinking I would use it unchanged in all layouts. Oops. Didn’t think ahead, obviously I’ll need to change it’s size for larger layouts. Is there a way to make it no longer a symbol. I tried copy and paste, no luck.


You’ll need to copy all elements, exit the symbol, and then select Edit > Paste with Animations. Probably a good idea to do this in a new scene.

This will make a copy of the contents of that symbol. If you have a symbol within a symbol, you’ll need to go a level deeper using the same technique, and paste that content (with animations) in your symbol.

Hello Daniel

Thanks for your reply. I tried what you suggested, and it only copied one of the three timelines in the symbol. How do I get all the timelines copied?


Unfortunately Timelines will need to be manually created.

While we’d like to add symbol deconstruction, it’s not something that we can promise right now.

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I think that’s a good idea, a Symbol Undo feature.


Perhaps this would work. Whenever something is converted to a symbol, a backup of the original is saved somewhere and the original is discarded. Then the symbol undo is just a matter of saving/hiding the symbol and re-installing the original.

New to Hype and trying various things. I ran into this problem with symbols: Like Greg I created a drop down menu in one layout and thought to create a symbol from it to transfert to other layouts. When I selected the elements and chose “New symbol from selection” a nice rectangle appeared but everything inside disappeared! So I did ‘undo’ and now I’m reading this thread and I’m wondering how to use symbols. If they’re not for things like that, then I misunderstood the manual (which I read I swear!).

So, what’s the best way to use a drop down menu in multiple layouts?

Dan: I know you guys never have enough hours in the day, but “Symbol>Revert to Original” or, “Break Apart” (as in some Adobe apps) really/absolutely/definitely should be moved up the priority ladder. Great feature…and no way to de-activate it? Not as elegant as your other features.

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