Converting symbol back to original

(Greg McMahan) #1

Hello to all Hype Developers of quality and others…

I put together a nice drop down menu and converted it into a symbol, thinking I would use it unchanged in all layouts. Oops. Didn’t think ahead, obviously I’ll need to change it’s size for larger layouts. Is there a way to make it no longer a symbol. I tried copy and paste, no luck.



You’ll need to copy all elements, exit the symbol, and then select Edit > Paste with Animations. Probably a good idea to do this in a new scene.

This will make a copy of the contents of that symbol. If you have a symbol within a symbol, you’ll need to go a level deeper using the same technique, and paste that content (with animations) in your symbol.

(Greg McMahan) #3

Hello Daniel

Thanks for your reply. I tried what you suggested, and it only copied one of the three timelines in the symbol. How do I get all the timelines copied?



Unfortunately Timelines will need to be manually created.

While we’d like to add symbol deconstruction, it’s not something that we can promise right now.

(Greg McMahan) #5

I think that’s a good idea, a Symbol Undo feature.


(Greg McMahan) #6

Perhaps this would work. Whenever something is converted to a symbol, a backup of the original is saved somewhere and the original is discarded. Then the symbol undo is just a matter of saving/hiding the symbol and re-installing the original.

(denis) #7

New to Hype and trying various things. I ran into this problem with symbols: Like Greg I created a drop down menu in one layout and thought to create a symbol from it to transfert to other layouts. When I selected the elements and chose “New symbol from selection” a nice rectangle appeared but everything inside disappeared! So I did ‘undo’ and now I’m reading this thread and I’m wondering how to use symbols. If they’re not for things like that, then I misunderstood the manual (which I read I swear!).

So, what’s the best way to use a drop down menu in multiple layouts?

(H) #8

Dan: I know you guys never have enough hours in the day, but “Symbol>Revert to Original” or, “Break Apart” (as in some Adobe apps) really/absolutely/definitely should be moved up the priority ladder. Great feature…and no way to de-activate it? Not as elegant as your other features.