Converting Apple iAd Producer Widget to Hype in order to export it as a Widget OAM file

Hello everyone,

I attached a simple stack pictures widget created with iAd Producer.
I would like to bring it into InDesign.
Given that OAM file extension is the only way (from what I read) to go, I am thinking to bring the code to hype and export it as a Widget OAM.

The structure of Package Content in both .wdgt files (iAd Producer and Hype) is relatively similar.
It should be possible to reuse, one way or another, the initial javascript code.

I am wondering what would be the best recommendation to start for someone with limited coding skills.

Thanking you in advance.

fruit_stack widget

It may be easiest to simply create <iframe> code pointing at your posted iAd project, and embed this line within an element.

The documentation here says it is done via:

Choose Object > Insert HTML, and paste the HTML code
Copy the code to the clipboard and paste it on your layout

My recommendation using Hype would also be to use the HTML Widget, which is also an iframe, and then export that. However you can just bypass Hype for this purpose if the above works.

Hi Jonathan,

Looking to make it work.

Thanks for your advice.