Converted persistent symbol started on main timeline

A bug?

  1. a rectangle
    Schermafbeelding 2020-06-02 om 15.28.53
  2. convert to symbol
    Schermafbeelding 2020-06-02 om 15.29.20
  3. make persistent
  4. timeline action in symbol
    Schermafbeelding 2020-06-02 om 15.30.29
  5. and there it is on the main timeline as well
    Schermafbeelding 2020-06-02 om 15.30.52

BTW your solution works great

I am sure thats is just indicating the start symbol timeline action and it’s duration

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Might be, but now the symbol is already visible on load of the first scene. And I don’t want that of course .
I tried again and now the symbol doesn’t come on the first. It’s making me uncertain, because I’m pretty sure this happened a couple of times. I’ll investigate further.

if it’s a state, you should avoid the maintimeline from autoplaying …

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The action on the main timeline of scene 1 is automatically put there after I put that action in the symbol.
I understand I have to remove it, but it should not be there in the first place I think. That’s why I labeled it as a possible bug.
trigger (15.8 KB)
When I remove the timeline action it works as expected.

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It did used to catch me out but I know it does it.
I always had the impression that it was intended behaviour but I think it really should only happen if the symbol was picking up timeline keyframes etc on creation and only when from the main timeline.
If from another time line then it should not.
my reasoning is you make other timeline to have control of animation segments and not have them auto play via the main timeline.

I gues only @jonathan or @Daniel can answer this one.?

That’s exactly what I intended to do :grinning::notes:

Thanks for the report - this is expected behavior.

New symbols always are created with a symbol action to play their main timeline. This is because it is a common case to want to do this, and without it everyone would always have to remember the exact procedure to get it to work. The symbol action binds the parent timeline to the symbol’s timeline as well.

A Persistent Symbol, which typically will exist across multiple scenes, is not created with a symbol action to start a timeline, since binding to a specific scene probably is going to make less sense. Instead Persistent Symbols are created with a On Symbol Load action to run their main timeline.

When you convert a Symbol to a Persistent Symbol, Hype doesn’t have knowledge on your intention for the document, and so will not delete the symbol action nor create the on symbol load action. You’ll need to do that yourself if that’s the behavior you want.


Clear to me. Thanks for the answer.

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