Convert polygon to button

The Hype documentation states: "Any element can be converted to a button by choosing Edit > Show Button Controls." When I select a polygon and go to Edit, "Show Button Controls" is grayed out. What am I doing wrong?

i can confirm that a polygons go to Edit, "Show Button Controls" is grayed out....

More info: If I choose a text element, then "Show Button Controls" is available in the Edit drop down menu.

it seems to be a mistake in the documentation ... you should not persist/rely on this ...

... though you can achieve it by css/js ...

Ok. Though that is quite the egregious misstatement. (Though I still love Hype, and I generally think the documentation is excellent.)


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Sorry for the confusion - the documentation has been fixed up to state allowed types.

When Hype had fewer elements, "Any" was probably true, but we have since restricted button conversions for some like groups, widgets, and video to avoid bugs. We've also not allowed them for vector shapes -- the post @MarkHunte dug up is still up to date on the vague reasoning :slight_smile:.

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