Convert pdf to svg

I would like to see file conversion feature such as pdf to svg within Hype. At the moment I am using a long process: Text Editor > Sketchapp (export to svg) > Hype. Even this process doesn’t work properly as some of the text get distorted. Any current solution for this process?


So you’re making a text document in “Text editor”, “printing” as a PDF, then opening it in Sketch, then exporting as an SVG?

Why not create your document in Sketch and export as an SVG from that application?

Sketch is not good for with table/text. I tried on this particular design. I did not worked for me. I might be wrong on this. Thanks

Try this method. I have been playing around with it but not mastered it yet.

Use this to create your menus in tables. Click tools show source code. Copy the source code into a text element.

Table width 90% cell width 70% - 10% - 20%

This should format correctly at different sizes.

You will have to play around with fonts etc. You could also save the HTML file on your server and load in on startup. You can change the menus on the fly.

menu (69.4 KB)


Steve Warby

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Thank you Steve,
This will do :slight_smile: