Convert element to group (or object links)

Here’s a workflow problem that I run into often -
I start animating with simpler elements (i.e. rectangles). I don’t always know where the animation is going to head but this allows me to get into behaviors quickly and then refine/flesh it out later.
So at some point, I find I have an element with a complicated animation that I like but I need to make that element more complex visually. I want to add elements to it - either by linking them together or by creating a group.

So the feature request would be something like a “Convert to Group” feature - It would do something like convert the selected element to a group such that the group now has the animations while the element (now stripped of its animations) ends up as a child of the group.

Thanks for the suggestion. At this time here’s what I recommend:

Go ahead and group the objects you want to apply a single animation to. When you group it, the animation will stick with any element which was previously animated inside of that group. You can then press ⌘ + x to cut the animation properties from the element and then select the group and press ⌘ + v to paste it onto the group. Any elements dragged into that group (as you know) will have that animation applied.

Ah, great! I didn’t see that option in the pull down menu but should be effective for my needs!