Controlling time line with slider- vector line drawing

I have before successfully used the "on drag: control other timeline" feature to control movement of objects. However when I want to draw a line under the control of the slider (say to plot a graph or some other trace), using the vector line draw feature in another time line, the vector line appears 100 percent drawn at the beginning, which ruins the effect. Once the slider is dragged it disappears and draws out as it should using the slider. Is there a way I can avoid this?
interactive limiting (373.7 KB)

If your are using anything but the main timeline (haven’t looked at your file as I am on the road) sadly you need to add the first state of the line as an initial keyframe at 0 … if that doesn’t work setting it at 0 on the main timeline and animating in your nested timeline anew might also help. If this is actually the problem, it was discussed recently and is a long standing problem and rather confusing behavior in Hype. The whole inheritance of values in sub timelines.

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You've solved it! (I pasted an initial keyframe into the main timeline} Sorry to go over previous ground, but I don't inhabit the forums often. Many, many thanks for your help, Sir.

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Also, a little more complicated is to use SVG and JavaScript to draw the line. The “Pythagorean” template is an example…

…it uses actual HTML slider (range) inputs.