Controlling printing of scene when changing size on responsive web page?


I have previously managed to print a scene to A4 fairly successfully (with some variations of margins on different printers) by making the scene being printed a fixed size. However I want to have a responsive scene that changes size as the window changes size - I have managed this OK but am no longer able to control printing from various sized windows.

I suspect that the answer may be to have a separate scene just for printing with navigation to and from as part of a printing timeline/script. Does this sound like the appropriate solution? I'm hoping there is another way as I think this will require changing a large number of user-interactive symbols to persistent symbols to keep the values and positions manipulated by the user (which is a stretch of my abilities at this point!).

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Thank you Max. Sorry this is way out of my wheelhouse at the moment - is it something that can be implemented in the Hype scene or is it done at the web page author level?

You could try to control the width and height of the page, but only for the print media query to always have a minimal width and A4 aspect ratio.