Controlling inner HTML/ HTML widget to STOP autoplay (Lottie)

I’m trying to insert a Lottie animation, and have successfully done so via a HTML widget.

I’ve included the HTML directly in the widget, and linked it to a JSON file that I put into my resources.

It plays, but automatically. I have no idea how to control the timing of this?

I want it to start after half a second. How do I do this?


Adding Lottie animation to Hype is easy. However, the way you did it (using HTML widget), isn’t a recommended way. I personally won’t recommend HTML widget for most of the stuff because it creates <iframes>.

You’ve 2 most common ways to insert Lottie animations. The one I would recommend is discussed here: Hype LottiePlayer (with IDE preview).

About your question of starting it after half a second. It’s pretty easy. You just need to run javascript function as a timeline action. The javascript should tell the animation to play. The required example files are available in the link provided.

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