Control timeline with swipe gestures via javascript

Thank you, that would be greatly appreciated!

I do know that there was some discussion on swipe interfering with click actions way back in 2017

and the solution was to add an element behind these clickable elements to control swipe actions but in this case you have used the full screen for those so that wouldn't really work.

I'm wondering if there has been a change since Hype 3 to Hype 4 that has addressed this possible problem / bug @jonathan do you have any more insight? As stated, it seems to be working for me but @Ollie seems to be experienced something different.

Hi @Ollie

As requested a recording from my iPad. Showing what's happening when clicking and swiping.

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... and did you try my uploaded file :wink:

Thanks very much for uploading. Really helpful to see it working as intended.

I will have to take a further at my project and report back.

Thanks again!

@h_classen I think your solution wouldn't work as he has the left and right of the screen covered with clickable elements so anything underneath wouldn't be able to be swiped ... I could be wrong though :slight_smile:

I think he needs both click and swipe actions working together

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Thanks for uploading, I have trialed Hype 4 and opened your file.

As @DBear has mentioned I am looking to include left and right clickable elements as well as swipe gestures. Good to know though a symbol can be used like this, I will consider this for future projects.

Thanks again for yoru help

ah, i thought the clickable areas have just been workarounds as your initial questions suggested this to me at least :wink:

but anyway: i'd use buttons like arrows or so for clickable progress ... from an UI-view :slight_smile:

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Hmm, it also works for me when testing on iOS 14, macOS 11 Safari, and Chrome desktop. There have been some changes to adapt to new iOS versions, but I'm not sure any that are exactly matching what you see.

It'd be useful to know more about the config like the particular software versions and devices (apologies if it is already in this post) and maybe likewise create a screen recording or video of your interaction with device.

(as a side note the On Swipe Action seems reverse - it took me a while to realize I needed to swipe left to right instead of right to left to advance the page?)