Control timeline by scrolling


Is it possible to make the timeline go forward by scrolling down? Here’s an example of what I mean:

You need to make two layers. Hit record button, change the time and move your second layer. Then choose drag action in scenes. Choose control timeline, vertical. That should work.
If you want to make specific area to control the time line, make an action box by making an invisible box then hit actions, select drag(control timeline).
I hope this might help.

Could you send a sample document of the drag function working? Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Can i send you few hours later?

here is a sample.
remember to put a pause action on timeline, and at control timeline action(vertical,reverse) uncheck if you don’t want continue after drag.
if you swipe left there is second (213.4 KB)

scrollevents are not built-in yet. to control timelines by scroll- or mousewheelevents you’ve got to write custom js. basic examples: mousewheel scroll


Thank you, that’s exactly what I wanted.