Control mouse of main timeline

(Artem Fedorov) #1

Hello everyone!
What is code for control of timeline within mouse position?
For example, this effect had realized in Edge Animate

How I can make this in Hype?

My code. It works uncorrent. Event mousemove run only once on group. (84.6 KB)

Edge Animate parallax composition ready equivalent in Hype
(Nick ) #2

Are you trying to do a parallax scrolling effect.
Here is a tutorial that was posted in the forums for survey Legend that shows how to set this up.

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #3

Hi hellofedorov,

as you’ve already discovered, it’s mostly the same as in another thread …
You’ve been quite near to a solution :slight_smile:

try it like this: (84.8 KB)

Nice day


Mouse Move Parallax
Mouse Move Parallax
Action move the mouse
Responsive reveal of picture
Control Timelines with mouse positioning

And here’s the full blog post related to the tutorial @nick shared above:

Let us know if you have any Qs.

(Artem Fedorov) #5

Yeah, it works :smile:
But I don’t understand what is mean
$( ".HYPE_scene" ) in code. Is it class of current scene? And if I have a few scenes? How rename this class?

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #6

Fine :smile:
you can use any domelement that fits your needs instead of class ‘.HYPE_scene’ .

Simply add a class or id to your element that represents the area on which you want to catch the onmousemoveevent then replace ‘.Hype_scene’ with ‘.yourClass’ or ‘#yourId’.

Nice day :smile:

(Artem Fedorov) #7

Oh, I know this, I had not understood where is class .hype_scene come from. But when I viewed on code I understood, that .hype_scene is a main container with all elements of scene.

This class is created a HYPE.min.js. All right?

In context of this animation. How I can run JS(mousemoveToTimelineDest.js) in On Scene Load after I clicked on object in this scene (rest)?

How I can apply code to some scene? hypeDocument.showSceneNamed() only transition on another scene.

And the last question :slight_smile: Where is a full documentation of JavaScript in Hype 3.0 ?

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #8


those are the links to the hypetopics:
Watch the Hype 3 Demo Video:

Read documentation on new features:

Discuss on the forums:

Hype Pro Teaser page:

Your questions;

as written above there is no need to run onmousemove on class ‘.HYPE_scene’.just catch another element that fits your needs. to apply the script on any touch or click-behaviour instead of sceneload use hypes behaviours for elements …

(John) #9


I came across this topic searching for a similar problem/solution.

And thank you so much for providing your example document! I was just wondering if there was a way to set the same function that reacts to vertical mouse movements…

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! :grinning: