Continuous loop of only one scene

Hello, I’ve got a presentation which I’d like the first scene to loop indefinitely until the continue button is pressed, I thought clicking loop when on the particular scene would do it but instead, it loops the whole thing…

What you are describing does not fully make sense or show what your setup is.
We could give you an answer based on this but rather than have us guess, can you post a example Project show what you are doing and what you want to do.


Start timeline(Same timeline) at the end of the timeline. This will keep looping the same timeline. Make your button pause the timeline and do whatever else you need it to do.

If this is not what you’re after, it’s probably best to upload your document like MarkHunte said.

Ah, should have though of that. Here’s a link:
I need the first screen to loop, the background fades from one colour to another, until a user click the continue button.

Figured it out from what PappaSmall suggested, thanks both for your help.

Like the site.

Thanks Mark!

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