Continue animation after pause?

Hi, I am working on a project that involves two objects (crates) being “deposited” into a larger object (vehicle). I am struggling with opacity/visibility and animation on both the crates and the doors.

I wanted the “crates” to disappear once they’re in position, and the “door” to slide back in place and the whole “vehicle” to move out of the visible area.

I get to the part where I move the vehicle with the door into the visible area, slide the door open, and move the crates into the vehicle, then I get stuck. Am I to insert a pause of some kind? Anything I try as to “sliding the doors” closed results in the sliding animation taking place in the same time as moving the crates, and I can’t seem to make the crates disappear.

I am including a zip of my project file to see if you guys could help me out with this? (119.2 KB)

You can also record visibility.
Hope this helps (113,5 KB)


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Here is a slightly different version than @MaxZieb’s… I had already created it… but thought seeing another variation might prove useful.

In my version (compared to Max’s) I have just one sliding door and I have “Grouped” both the sliding door & the vehicle together (“Arrange” menu > “Group”). By grouping these two items together you do not need to change the door’s position when the entire vehicle moves - one less thing to keep track of in the animation… especially if You had more doors on the vehicle (or other associated elements).

Note that the sliding door’s position is now in reference to the “Group” - not the Scene. (107.9 KB)

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Hi, thanks for this, appreciate your time. Yes it is working great!

Hi Jim, thanks for your example too, ok I see where you’re going with this. I like the two versions for comparison. Appreciate your time as well.

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