Contenteditable - iOS and actions

Hi all. It seems, that textfields with the HTML-Attribute 'contenteditable = true' cannot be edited in iOS, if there´s any action (no matter if JS or start Timeline and so on...) connected to the input field. Any ideas?

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you can always add your own eventlistener for 'input', 'click'... should work ... not tested. seems Hyperelated ...

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Maybe you could take an input element and make it look like a regular box? :man_shrugging:t2:

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I've wasted hours wondering why textfields with the HTML-Attribute 'contenteditable = true' only worked sometimes on iOS. Now I know! I hope this is just a bug and can be fixed. :crossed_fingers:

Hey Max here, the Hype Action Events guy… :wink:

Using an action event works as it bubbles the event rather than assigning it directly to the element.


You can also uncheck Use Touch Events from the Document Inspector and it should work.


Thanks all for having a look at this. Finally Jonathan´s solution worked best, since I didn´t have to adjust my desktop version to the mobile version. Still a little bit buggy, but overall - it works.

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