Confetti effect in hype


does anyone know how to create the confetti effect as in this banner in hype


That’s an image, so I would say [Pixelmator / Affinity Photo / Illustrator / Sketch]?

But in Hype, you can do this with regular circles and opacity: (37.8 KB)

(Thiago Ribeiro Nogueira) #3

I think he wants the falling confetti effects, no?


yeah it was the falling effect not possible then?

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Do a simple motion path and change the X and Y Angles in Rotation Menu on Metrics Inspector. See the file. (13.6 KB)


Cheer Thiago
is it possible using JS or CSS instead of making lots of symbols

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I know nothing about JS :sweat:

I hope someone shows up to help you :wink:



Check out this thread. It relates to snowfall but confetti isn’t hugely different. I have not delved into it too deeply but You can control the effect to some degree. I did not see any color control and the filter effects does not colorize it. But it could be a starting point (or if white confetti does the job you’re set).

Here is @h_classen’s Hype demo from that thread using “snowfall.min.js” library: (140.5 KB)

EDIT: Google “three.js particle effects” - this looks promising - but no experience with it.