Comprehensive Physics Tutorial



In an effort to get a handle on what’s possible with Physics, I created a tutorial document which covers a wide array of tips, tricks, and techniques in a single document:

Please let me know if there’s anything I should add to this document or if any instructions are unclear. I’d like to continue building this out as more use cases and techniques come to light. The document has also been added to the bottom of the Physics chapter of the documentation.

Is there a Physics API? 🤔
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(Nick ) #3

Had time to sit down with this…very nice!
best way for the beginner to get into how the physics work. And a great inspirational guide to help kick start some projects.



Not everyone has the same learning style. Scientific fact. Hopefully someone will revise the manual so that its does more than to simply say what it does and identify the tools (a classic headbanger with many manuals). Adding something that says how to do it would be a good idea.

After viewing the tutorial, I see lots of what. I’d appreciate it if someone could provide the simple one, two, three of making something (anything) work? I’ve got an object above the stage. I’ve assigned it dynamic properties. I’ve got an object across the bottom assigned static properties. Now what? This should be beginner stuff, but I can’t figure it out.

(Nick ) #5

I understand that.
Would it help to provide you with a hype document that shows an object setup like you mentioned and some notes in Hype to guide you to build the next steps?

What version of Hype are you using?
I can send you some of my teaching tools and see if they help out.

(Gerfried) #6

Great tutorial, thanks.

@Furutan, does this help?

It’s really very basic, nowhere close to the level of the tutorial above, but I saw your request and thought I could try to do a little video.
I have to admit it was mainly about me evaluating Zenler (the platform this runs on). Hope that’s ok.

(Carolyn) #7

Gerfried, nice little intro on the basics. The platform looks nice and provides a nice user experience.

I guess I wonder if the physics should allow the ball to disappear through the static item…though you were pushing that.

You’re part of the reason I love this app. Great support by team and users. :slight_smile:

(Gerfried) #8

Thanks Carolyn,

to tell you the truth, I had to cut out two more instances where the ball went through the wall. It seems to happen when items are moving very quickly, as to the “why” I can only guess. Maybe team tumult can chime in?

I left the last occurence as I’d otherwise have had to redo the video and I had to go get some sleep :grin: Might redo it later…

(Carolyn) #9

I like when tutorials show gotchas, so like that you left it in. When folks are learning things and things go awry, there’s always that “is it the computer, the software, me?” hairpulling thing. This just shows that if you push the settings, behaviour may go wild, just take a breath, it’s not you, simply dial back the settings.

(Gerfried) #10

I actually just had the same realization when I sat down after work and re-watched. If I take it out, it’ll look like this can’t happen. So maybe adding a comment at the end will be the better solution. Thanks.

I added said comment to the video, and also created a third video to show the manipulation of physics values with a timeline.

I was going to attach the file as well, and noticed a shortcoming of Zenler: It won’t let me. Hype files are not among the allowed attachment types. Second shortcoming: No quiz functionality.