Compose Email with formatted text

Howdy ya'll

Can someone give me a tip how to achieve this mailto tag in Hype's Compose Mail Body field, please?

Three thanks in advance!


Not sure what you mean… just write your text into the box

As @MaxZieb says.

But I am wondering if you mean, the user fills in a form and the mailto uses that info.
Which afaik cannot be done using the mail action.

More detail of what you mean/doing/want is needed..?

I could not type that into the box using the return key.

So I tried typing it into a text box and copying and pasting in and then it worked.

then when the link is clicked it opens a new email in an email client and the message body shows this, formated correctly:





Thanks for the challenge.


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Glad it helped… I actually also pasted it. Thanks for pointing out the bug.

@jonathan There is a bug in the mailto subject field. Entering a return isn't possible.

That is normal in some text boxes that allow editing.

If you hold down the option and hit the return key, you will drop down a line

The option key may be alt on older keyboards.


Took me hours to find out that is normal behavior for your world. In my 25 years of coding it isn't normal. Bug is better explanation, me thinks.

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Not sure why you would spend hours looking..?

And I did not say in my world!. I said for some text boxes.
I suspect these are Text Fields/NSTextField. Which the normal behavior is to be single lined or wrapping. They support option-return.

If it was not normal, the option + return would not work.

Q: How do I make NSTextField accept the tab key, as well as return and enter keys as line-breaks?

A: It's worth noting that NSTextField supports new line breaks by using Option-Return or Option-Enter. But under most circumstances the easiest solution would be to use NSTextView instead.

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You can stand down now. Thank you.

Your welcome.

No bug on my side. Editing and entering text in all mailto-fields works fine for me.

Pressing return works for you? That is strange...
very engaged thread over a function I never have used. :wink:

Things I consider obsolete in Hype 4:

  • iFrame tool (mostly creates iFrames with problems or people don't understand the implications). Can be done in innerHTML.
  • Mailto function ( can be done with Open URL action or JS)


... timelines ... :joy:

Actually not a bad idea :wink: at least the others got something along those lines. Timelines are visualized transitions from one state to another. You can actually also display the states as frames instead. Behind the scenes, you have timelines but only if you need to tweak a transition. This mode is part of Google Webdesigner (GWD)

Timeline (Quickmode)

… and obviously the predominant way of doing it in Sketch or Adobe XD with "auto animations" etc.

Wires in prototype mode

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... just kidding... :grinning: I´m very fine with the timeline concept. I even like it a lot more than the former (you must not name it :sunglasses: )Flash concept.


Both of these are probably true :slight_smile:. It is a distinction between a "text field" and a "text view/area." I've filed it as a bug - I believe the expectation is that a return key would enter a new line into this specific view.

Note that in apps like Messages that are return-to-send as default this is also how you enter in newlines :slight_smile:.


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