Compose Email on IOS

Hello awesome people -

Scratching my head here as to why my Compose Email isn’t working on iOS (works fine on Desktop). Perhaps my Google skills are as paltry as my Hype skills and I haven’t found it on the forums yet either. Perhaps this calls for a HTML edit solution, but it seems odd a client-facing function wouldn’t work out of the box. All help appreciated! (16.1 KB)

Auto-replying here - is this something to do with running it in the Hype app, in that it doesn’t leave the app, unlike the Desktop?

It works well for me in Mobile Safari / iOS 10 – but I do notice that it does not work when testing in Hype Reflect.

I’m guessing he means Hype reflect :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel,

Yeah, that was my conclusion as well - this is more a Reflect Limitation (which is reasonable to occur, though undesirable) than a Hype issue. Thanks for checking in!

He does indeed. :wink: UX Designers, here’s a good example of anticipated behavior: It worked fine in Desktop so one anticipates it working on the mobile, but of course it’s a Different Beast entirely. Confirmation Bias strikes again!

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