Complex flexible

(kerguelen) #1

Hello to all,

I’m trying to achieve what I find to be a complex flexible layout.
The following drawing shows how the layout should behave when resized :

Central block is an embedded map, the only element in this layout that can be resized horizontally and vertically to fit screen size, portrait or landscape.

I tried many approaches, using symbols, groups, anything, but none has been satisfying.

Any idea ?

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Something like this? (21.6 KB)


Are you using Hype 5.0 again? :slight_smile:

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

Whoops! fixed the above.

(kerguelen) #5

@DBear I’m using the beta :slight_smile:
@jonathan Thanks it works !! If anybody needs it, here’s the file with a leaflet map embeded (67.7 KB)


Unfortunately, the original posted doc was using something above even the Beta :wink:

(kerguelen) #7

So I guess I was using something above even the Beta :wink:


Jonathan re-uploaded a new doc that opens on the current version of Hype :wink: Believe me … unless you’re working with Jonathan (and probably not even then :slight_smile: ) you wouldn’t have been able to open the doc :smiley: :smiley:


(Loves Hype) #9

Oh… I did a Leaflet to… funny! (41,4 KB)

As we say in Germany “Doppelt hält besser!” :wink:

(Loves Hype) #10

PS: Click on the red circle. It has a callback to a Hype-Timeline.

(kerguelen) #11

I’m just a beta tester :slight_smile: My version is [build 606)]

(kerguelen) #12

@MaxZieb Oh ! very nice Hype interaction !! That’s really something I was looking for