Complex CSS Element Illustrations in Hype

In the US tomorrow is President’s Day. This is mostly a Federal Holiday for Bankers, Government Employees and Schools.

Mostly for the rest of us it is a day for retail sales. :wink:

However I took the opportunity to use Hype to make an illustration using only Hype elements.
If you have followed my posts you know I like to push these simple shapes into complex illustrations.

I have been thinking of a new set of illustration and animation tutorials that only use Hype as the illustration and the animation tool.
Would anyone be interested in seeing these videos?

Let me know.
But for now here is a purely Hype stylized cartoon of 8th President Martin Van Buren.


Excellent Nick, it looks great.


Nice. According to his surname I guess he or his parents came from Holland :grinning:

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@Djon Yes he was of Dutch Ancestry! :slight_smile:

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Cool, we are everywhere! (olee-olee-oleeolee) :soccer:.

But on topic, I like this. 2 decades ago I someone once using Quarke Xpress to make illustrations with. Its great seeing people being so creative thinking outside the restraints of the box.

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I would be interested.

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